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Thread: Question about choosing controller and battery pack

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    Question about choosing controller and battery pack

    Hello everybody, i'm a newbie to this forum and EV.

    Recently i've been working on a small EV project. I've decided what motor i should go with my specification, it's Mars Electric PMAC Motor. And now, i have two choice for my controller, either a Sevcon Gen4 or Kelly Controller. Sevcon Gen4 does have pretty spec and recognition among EV forum & store, IMO. But i don't want to buy the $900 programmer in order to make it configurable. Kelly controller has a slightly lower price than Sevcon, and they release the programmer for free. But, i'm not sure about its reliability, since i've found unsatisfied reviews(innacurate specs, explosion, etc). So, what controller should i choose? Or you have better reccomendation?

    And my second question is, Is it OK to use Headway LiFePO4 36V10A for PMAC motor + Kelly/Sevcon Controller? From my calculation, the continuous power dissipation from battery should be 250W. And i only need to drive for 25km in half an hour.

    Thank you for any comments
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