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Thread: Pre-build thread - Stingray frame

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    That's awesome, man, congrats! Gives me faith I have a chance with the Massachusetts DOT!

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    Hurray, good news Hugues and congratulations...
    The Greatest thing about a EV, is the Song of the Terrain...

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    Got the letter today from vehicle registration office ! WE ARE GO FOR BUILD !

    Funny enough, they are not requesting much about the electric part, they are more concerned about the mechanical modifications to the current rolling chassis !

    That good news comes with a bad side. The more i modify the existing rolling chassis, the more I need to provide them with all sorts of certificates and guarantees. Bottom line is that I won't be able to go with the dual hub from Enertrac, because they consider this as a modification to the wheel and need all sorts of papers. So version 1.0 will be with a motor mounted into the frame , re-using the standard pulley mounted on the wheel already.

    So that's the end of my pre-build thread, and soon i'll be starting my BUILD thread ! Can't believe it, i'm so excited !

    Thanks all !

    Project name for now will be E-cruiser version 1.0 !

    Regards from Switzerland
    My 2.5 Upgrade Thread

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    saWHEEEEEETT! Congrats, man! I think you've just created the EV Pre-Grin!

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