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Thread: 153 Volt DC dangerous on a motor bike?

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    Anything higher than 50V DC can stop your heart if you touch the live wires with both hands.

    Hence, there is a "one-hand" rule at EV assembly plants, like Dynasty EV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markcycle
    I think this says it all Jon was working with 144 volts wear proper gloves, tape up your tools and be careful
    agreed. heard about someone in the navy who died from a 9v battery. he punctured each of his thumbs and literally 'plugged' himself into it , but still - it just all depends on how you're hit. people have survived lightning strikes
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    on bike also think about crash, make your HV circuit strong enough to be save also during a crash when the bike is sliding at high speed against the asphalt , keep your valuable items ( controller , BMS , charger) inside the frame so they are safe in case of crash.

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    Top Fuel Drag Bike, 200 MPH crash from being electrocuted while running down the track, Top Fuel Crash! just an example that even the gassers can mess up too...

    The Greatest thing about a EV, is the Song of the Terrain...

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