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Thread: Proper Gearing for ME-1003

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    Proper Gearing for ME-1003

    Iv'e got my bike road worthy:

    81 KZ440 LTD
    ME-1003 (72V, 200 AMP, 3050 RPM)
    AXE 7245
    6 Sealed Lead Acid 26ma batteries
    30A DC2DC
    Gear ration 10T Front, 45T Rear (stock)

    After some calculations, I see I should do about 50-55 mph top speed
    I can only get up to about 38

    What is the reason I am only getting 2200 RPM out of my motor?
    Poor gear ratio?
    Improper wheel/engine alignment?
    Un-programmed controller? (waiting on the cable)

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    Did you get the controller new? Of so, it should be ok...but possible the speed is turned down.

    Other possibilities..

    -batteries aren't charged
    -throttle isn't going full on
    -there's some added load (something rubbing, or going up hill)

    You should probably go to an 11 front...10 is kinda small. That RPM is unloaded...with a load it will be lower.
    - Noah Podolefsky -
    The GSX-E


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