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Thread: motor cooling. redux. again.

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    Liquid cooling also allows you to have a sealed motor, otherwise you are putting an air filter on the intake for your air cooling duct, or running the risk of getting grit and sand in your motor while going down the road, the cleaner the inside of the motor can stay the longer it is going to last.
    It also allows for the motor to be in a more confined space, or for it to be completely enclosed as two small fluid lines take up less space then an air duct.

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    OK, some clear answers. The guys building the Empulse motor:

    ( I KNEW it!)

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    OK kids. I have me a theory. It is: Brammo is using a specially developed liquid cooled stepper motor from Parker Hannifin.
    Their site is here: http://www.parkermotion.com/products...80_567_29.html

    My (probably flawed) reasoning is here:


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    Are you sure it is a stepper motor? Stepper motors usually do not operate in the continuous mode for long periods like the motors in our bikes do. I would agree that the Empulse Standard and RR motors are a custom job from Park Hannifin but I doubt they are steppers. It looks like Park Hannifin has experience making all kinds of motors including steppers. Also, is there a labeled version of that graph?

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    No, that's all I got from his post- but on the site, there are all tech docs for stuff... also a ton of links on my page. http://www.parkermotion.com/products...80_567_29.html

    Wait. It says "Rotary Servo" motor- but that's very similar to a stepper, right?

    No, I'm not at all sure of anything, but I called it a stepper because that was the designation for the MPP products he identified. Purely conjecture, though.
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