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Thread: GUFF'S 1995 Honda CBR900RR Conversion

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    GUFF'S 1995 Honda CBR900RR Conversion


    Phase 1 - Completed in November of 2009. Components listed below:

    Etek-RT PMDC Motor
    Alltrax 7245 Controller
    72VDC System with 6 Werker WKA12-44CFR AGM Pba Batteries
    Paktracker Battery Monitoring System
    6 Individual 12V 6A ACI Super Chargers
    500A Ameter Gauge (Motor Current) with shunt
    Acewell Digital Instrument Gauge

    Specs Below:

    Top Speed: 45mph
    Gear Ratio: 72 Rear/12 Front, 6:1
    Weight: 550lbs
    Range: 10-20 miles depending on speed
    Drivetrain: 530 chain, no transmission

    Finished Picture Below:

    Phase 2 - Started in November of 2009 and still in progress. Components listed below:

    AC-20 AC Induction Motor
    Curtis 1238-6501 Controller
    72VDC System with 24 TS-60AHA Lithium Batteries
    Elitheon Lithumate BMS
    Delta-Q Qui-Q Charger with built in DC/DC Converter
    Acewell Digital Instrument Gauge

    Specs Below:

    Top Speed: 110mph (calculated)
    Gear Ratio: 60 Rear/12 Front, 5:1
    Weight: Unknown
    Range: 20-40 miles (estimated) depending on speed
    Drivetrain: 420 chain, no transmission

    Finished Picture Below:

    Coming Soon
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    Making more progress and getting much closer to finishing...

    VFR 750 Rear End Swap is complete. All thats left is to attach the brake line for the rear.

    I found a bent left front fork (was wondering why the axle didnt want to drive home smoothly) and that is being replaced. I should have the new fork early this upcoming week. Once I get that on, the new bake pads will go into the freshly cleaned calipers for mounting.

    As far as the battery rack goes, I have tried three different versions now and none seemed to work. However, I think I have something that will work now as shown in the pic below:

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    I installed the new left front fork. The front axle slid in a lot easier this time and everything seems to align up better. I installed the new pads into the front calipers, installed the speed bleeders and then mounted both front calipers. I attached to the new S.S. brake line to the rear caliper and installed its speed bleeder as well. I also had to do some more machining to the rear wheel for better fitment. The wheel is a 2002 VFR800 while the swingarm is from a 95 VFR750. When you try to mount the wheel on the hub the bolts that hold the brake disc run into material from the wheel's mounting surface. I had to machine notches along these points so the wheel would lay flat against the hub like it is supposed to.

    I now will focus completely on the battery rack/motor mount with a goal of getting it to the welder in a week.

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    I finished the final design of the rack in wood Thursday night

    The flat head bolts are threaded into the 1 inch square material which are tightened against a plate that will keep pressure on a majority of the TS cells. Smaller versions of this will be found in the front and to a limited extent the sides (not pictured). The wood mock up turned out well and there is plenty of room for all components. The cells were very secure and would not budge with the clamping action.

    Bad news is when I installed my front brake calipers I found I still have a 1/8 inch gap most likely due from another bent fork. If you recall I recently installed a new left fork which corrected my 1/2 inch gap but 1/8 inch still remains. I think the right is bent. This whole front end I bought seems like it is trashed. Thats what I get for paying only $80 bucks, too good to be true.

    Good news is I have anothe fork on the way that is verified straight. Hopefully this will be all good so I can button up my front end for good and install the rest of the front end components and controls!

    Until then all this weekend will be cutting of the acutal metal rack along with fitment. Once I get as far as I can I will start the electrial side of thing by wiring up the batteries on the bench for a complete wire up job for a test run.

    Next week I should be able to bring the rack to the welder and get some minor fabrication done. I think the rack will turn out well due to the work done up front.

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    Ok, I got the new right fork and installed it. The top tripple installed much easier as well as the axle. Still have about a 1/16 (maybe smaller) difference on the pad when comparing each side. I hope this will not lead to pad dragging, we shall see.

    The rest of the weekend was spend on the rack, cutting the metal. I got about 75% done. I will need to get help locally sourcing and cutting 1/4 and 3/8 inch material to finish it.

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    Guff that VFR swingarm looks like da bomb in that bike. How did you determine that swap was possible? Is that a common mod on ICE bikes?

    Did that model have linked brakes? Sorting that out now on my '93 Hurricane. I'll be simplifying the brakes extensively when they go back on.

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    Yep, it is a common swap for this model CBR. I found multiple sources with info on it online. This VFR did not have linked brakes, standard sport bike setup.

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    Looks like it is coming along nicely.

    I just noticed that you wrote AC20 on the round box. I would have mixed them for sure!!

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    That's looking real good.
    I was wondering though, what is that your using for the mount/rack>? looks interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Only2Jakes View Post
    That's looking real good.
    I was wondering though, what is that your using for the mount/rack>? looks interesting.
    Thanks, the material is 80/20. Its a T-slotted extruded aluminum product used mainly in industrial environments. It easy to cut and bolts together with simple hand tools. I plan to go this route and once the rack is how I want it, I'll get it all welded up.

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